Teaching a Child to Ride a Scooter

When your child wants to learn out to ride a scooter, there are a few simple steps to follow. The first thing to look at is safety. You must always to be sure and have all the proper safety equipment available to you. The most important thing to wear is a helmet. This will protect your child from any possible head injuries if they should fall. The elbow and knee pads are also a good idea, in order to keep them from getting scraped up. For the first few times, at least while they are learning to ride, I would suggest they wear some long pants or jeans to cover up their legs. When first learning to ride a scooter they may have a few falls and this will give a little extra protection.

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You will want to start off somewhere open and in an area that has fairly soft ground, this makes it a little less discouraging if your child does have a few spills. When they are ready to begin you must teach them exactly how a scooter works. This means demonstrating how, if dealing with a self propelled scooter, they must put both feet on the scooter. The easiest way to teach them to ride is to figure out the best way to keep their selves balanced on a scooter they stand both feet on. These scooters are self propelled and require both feet on the scooter to ride and glide forward. Once they figure out the balance issue these scooters are a whole lot of fun and can be much faster than a normal kick scooter. These types of scooters can go as fast as you want them too, with a little more ease than a typical scooter, while still giving you the exercise and excitement you want.

The most important step to riding a scooter is to find balance. Some children will feel confident enough to try on their own, while some may need a little extra help to learn. The most important thing you can do at this point is to be there for them if they should need the extra help. This may take some time to learn, but with a little practice and a lot of patience, they will succeed and feel confident to balance his or her self. The next step after balance is to have your child practice weaving back and forth as well as turning in circles. By being able to turn and weave they will be able to get around others and avoid any objects that may be in their path. When your child has mastered turns and weaving they may even want to try some tricks or even going up or down hills. Always be sure they are supervised and that whatever they are trying is safe. This will give them a little more confidence and make them feel a little less scared when going in a public place.

As you can see riding a scooter can be fun and exciting, as well as safe for your child if they are taught all the necessary skills before going out on their own. You and your child should always do a safety check before going out each time on their scooter. This will ensure a safe journey every time they venture out on their scooter.

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